The Orations of Muhammad: The Prophet Of Islam

Original Author: Maulana Muhammad Ubaidul Akbar

Book Summary: cechgentong   

Oration or speech is an important means of influencing public opinion. This applies from the past to the present, in Greece and Rome, as well as in other places. During the pra-Islam, in the Arabian peninsula, known to many orators. One of them named Quss bin Sa”idah. Some oration Quss witnessed by Muhammad ibn Abdullah (later became prophet) when they were young. That is why the speeches Quss can be an inspiration to the Prophet Muhammad.

The speech of the Prophet Muhammad has several characteristics. He always gave respect to his listeners. Then, speeches always begin with praising God and the creed of two sentences, and concludes with praying for salvation for the listener and prayer to God for forgiveness. The contents of the speech is usually a daily orders, morale boost on the battlefield, to reconcile the two groups disagree, and straighten out the misunderstanding that occurred on the Muslims. His speech is composed of simple sentences, but if he emphasizes one thing, he conveyed in the form of frequently asked questions.

Body language of the Prophet Muhammad in a speech also have the feature. Depending on what it conveys, can change the color of his face and his body trembling. Occasional fist closed and opened. Jabir narrated that at the time of the speech, the prophet’s eyes became red, his voice rising, and emotions enveloped him.

In the early days of prophecy, his speech short and compact. New before his death, he delivered a long speech. This is seen in the events of the conquest of Mecca (8 H), eclipses of the sun (10 H), The Farewell Pilgrimage ‘, and a speech on the five days before death.

There were 29 speeches of the Prophet Muhammad that set forth in this book. Beginning with his speech before the people of Mecca at Mount Safa and ending with his speech on the five days before death. All of the speech presented in this book in the form of translations into Indonesian, but the author also attach at the end of the speech in the original Arabic text.

All we have to refer to his speech. That”s the messages that have been submitted by the greatest figures in the Islamic Religion, the Prophet Muhammad. For me, his first speech was the most phenomenal at Mount Safa. With this speech, he proclaimed himself as the Messenger of God. This is the first milestone and difficult struggle in upholding the sentence length of unity.


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