Heartline In Time Count

no no tick tock tick tuk tuk tuk tock tick tock not

 discomfort voice

long buried but not able to be disclosed


ripe? do not know what to say

confusion face in determining attitudes

attitude and the nature of the raw

could not and can not determine


so many senses that will intersect

abrasion and pain to be felt

old injuries that is forced  to be saved

in the recesses of the heart is still recollected


when is this going to end

an end to a long story of a beautiful and sad

dry tears that can not be removed

because it is too painful and sad to remember


memory and romance are booming first

apparent only in memories

little dark and light

increasingly makes sense sealed


look and see the sun has come

but oh but it was only for a moment

without cooling the atmosphere heats

refreshing but tiring


but ehhhhmmmmm know

hope will come

long dreams start sticking

giving spirit to rise


‘ve pushed it all

moving and get moving

seize what has long been missing

this is the time to shout


catapult out loud

echoed everywhere

awaken the sleeping

the presence of holy love in the light of tranquility


comfort and security has blanketed

taste and feeling to be noticed

obvious need linkage

binds equally heart wound


babe togetherness inherent in

love and affection

declare what has become one

one purpose in looking to the future of love and affection

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